“Being a Mama Dragon means understanding that my daughter and I are never going to see eye to eye on everything, but if I don’t ask her to change what she feels are fundamental parts of herself, she will do the same for me. Where we meet in the middle is love. I love my gay daughter and she loves her Mormon mother.”

A mom from Tooele, Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon means trying my best to affect change within my family so that my brother can feel safe being who he is.”

Boise, Idaho


“Being a Mama Dragon to me means exemplifying the true love of Christ to ALL His children. Love has no gender attached to it. I’ll be damned if anyone is going to say Love is wrong.”

W.M. from Alberta, Canada


“Being a Mama Dragon has made me into a teacher who tells her students on day one to be careful of the power of their words, because they don’t know who in the room is struggling with orientation or identity, and that I know that firsthand, because my own child went through it.”

Victoria Morgan Hyde from Pasco, Washington


“Being a Mama Dragon means being a voice that fights for the hearts of LGBTQ who can’t speak for themselves yet, letting everyone, especially closeted kids who are afraid, know that there are people who see their worth and love them for who they are, right now. It means being a safe place to be authentic and to celebrate successes and mourn heartaches together.”

Tiffany Shapiro from Kaysville, UT


“Being a Mama Dragon means that as I navigate this life with my transgender son, whom I love with all my heart, I have the support and friendship of women who have traveled this road before me. Who help and support me when I need it the most.”

Tina Off, California


“Being a Mama Dragon means unconditionally loving and supporting my LGBTQ brothers and sisters in their journey, by letting them know there are safe places for them in others’ hearts and homes.”

Wendi Weitzell Maroney from Gilbert, Arizona


“Being a Mama Dragon means I have found a safe place to listen and learn. Knowing I’m not the only one struggling with having to throw out most things I was taught about raising kids and coming up with a new way to raise my gay son to be happy and healthy. Being a safe place for his friends who haven’t come out yet or who have but struggle with acceptance. Being a Mama Dragon has helped me find my voice and advocate for our LGBT children/family.”

Tricia Mower


“Being a Mama Dragon means supporting my transgender daughter. Making sure she knows she’s loved. Also being a listening ear to other parents who need support.”

Tiffany Francom Sweeten from Woodscross, Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon means I have a place to turn to when I feel discouraged or unsure about issues as it relates to my Lesbian Daughter. I am not active in the LDS church but my Mormon Roots are Deep and I do have a Strong Testimony. I feel supported to know that I am not alone and others have travel this road as well!”

Tina Judd from Fredonia, Arizona


“Being a Mama Dragon means standing for all kids who are LGBT, and their mothers, so that their futures are as loving and fabulous as they are!”

Susan Mikesell from Park City, UT


“Being a Mama Dragon means speaking loving words at church about our LBGT+ brothers and sisters — words my two gay brothers never heard in that setting.”

Sue Bergin from Salt Lake City, Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon means loving and accepting my Gay son for who he is: a child of God. I love unconditionally as Christ loves all of us. I truly love my son and his partner. I’ve been able to develop an empathy for ALL people because of the unconditional love I have for him.”

Suzzie Hollingsworth Bradshaw from Nevada


“Being a Mama Dragon means loving my family members and supporting them any way possible. I proudly wear my rainbow clothing to show my love and support for all. “

Terry Wehrman Roy, Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon means quietly seeking to understand, learning from the experience of others, and helping others be supportive of LGBTQ+ loved ones. It means allowing others the right to their God-given agency, and earnestly striving to show love and compassion for all.”

Name withheld from the Northern Rockies


“Being a Mama Dragon is all about education. It is about learning how to find resources to help our LGBTQ children navigate this tricky world. It is about learning from other mamas what works and what doesn’t in our quest to make the world a safer place for our LGBT loved ones. It is about learning to better educate our extended families and communities about the issues facing LGBTQ individuals. And most importantly, it is about learning that you are not alone.”

Stephanie Tayler Lobrot from Park City, Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon has opened my mind and my heart to the LGBTQ community. It has melted away the false concepts I learned in my youth as I discovered the truth about what it means to be gay. I am very grateful to see so many other Mama Dragons who have also accepted their children they way they are and formed a supportive group where everyone can feel welcome.”

Tamsin Bronson, Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon means I can be an ally for all of my Jr. High students who may have need of positive support. When my own child was questioning his sexual identity, I realized that I could be a voice not only for him, but for all kids who are LGBTQ. “

Stephanie in Utah


“Being a Mama Dragon means fiercely protecting my LGBTQIA brothers and sisters against any who would try to harm them spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally, and to stand up for their rights and privileges as all people inherently have as human beings. Although I am straight and don’t have any immediate family members who identify as LGBTQIA, I am an ally and protector because I love all humans, and thoroughly enjoy the diversity of this world as it brings joy and love and appreciation for the the variety and spice of life. I strongly value human life, and the right for all to have joy and love. All are valuable, and this world could use a lot more authenticity.”

Tara Dimoh, Salt Lake City, Utah



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