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Op-ed: Mormon church must do more for LGBT youths before more take their own lives

First Published Jul 02 2016 03:00PM by Kimberly Anderson – The time for talk is over. The time for action is here. Individuals will react in various ways, but hopefully their reactions will result in awareness, visibility, outreach, community-building and unconditional love for their queer children and extended LGBTQIA community.I condemn in the strongest possible language the environment and culture that is leading to self-loathing, self-hate guilt and shame. The culture that these children are saturated in has led tragically to more than just the suicides this week. The history of Utah and the legacy of the LDS Church is splattered with the blood of dead queer youth and adult members.

They Loved the Church. They Loved Each Other More.

Posted JUN 24, 2016 by  – “Put your hands together if you’re Mormon,” Drag Donald shouts. “Do we clap?” Garrett asks. Their letters of resignation from the Mormon church had been submitted five months earlier; soon after, they received confirmation from the Church that their names had been removed from the membership records. Kyle shrugs and they both put their hands together.