Board of Directors

Neca Allgood
President | 2017
“We know we are not perfect parents. Fortunately, children don’t need perfect parents, they need good-enough parents.” Neca Allgood was raised in Southern California. She attended BYU and Princeton, where Read More
Julie Packer
President Elect | 2017 - 2018
“This is more than just a support group to me… A little over two years ago, I joined the Mama Dragons.” I had a feeling my son Tyson was gay Read More
Vicki Johnson
Board Member | Public Communication Team Leader
Believing Mormon mom who loves all of God’s children. Vicki Wimmer Johnson is a wife, mother, and grandma. She loves being a Mama Dragon and is devoted to showing love for Read More
Melaine Delton
Board Member
Melaine is a mother and advocate who believes passionately in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.
Wendy Montgomery
Board Member | Media & Allies Groups Liason
Wendy was born and raised in Southern California. She has always been a member of the LDS Church. She and her husband Tom were married in the Los Angeles Temple Read More
Jill Rowe
Board Member | MDC FB Group, Retreats
LDS and an advocate for all of God’s children. Mother of six. One son identifies as gay. Jill’s goal is to make sure no mother feels alone in this journey. Read More
Yvette Zobell
Board Member | Shout Outs & Dragon Training
Mother of four including one gay son. Daily for eight years my heart has been with my LGBT brothers and sisters, and it’s where my heart will continue to be. Read More
Meg Abhau
Board Member | Activism Shout Outs
It was a Friday night and I was cleaning the carpets.  The machine I had rented was so loud, but he asked if we could play a game of ‘hang Read More
Jen Blair
Board Member | Main FB Group Admin
Jen Blair was born and raised in the Wasatch Front of Utah and lived all her school years in the same house. She attended Brigham Young University and earned a Read More
A. Celeste Carolin
Board Member | Website Management
“Moms have the power to change the world.” Celeste moved through the church halls as a pretty normal Mormon girl until she “fell out of the closet” in undergrad while Read More
Diane Oviatt
Board Member | "Other Stuff" Team Leader
“I asked him if he could please stand up in General Conference and at least tell parents not to kick their kids out, to love them as is…” Diane is Read More
Lisa Evans Dame
Board Member | Facebook Group Management Team Leader
“I want all to experience the love and support offered by the Mama Dragons.” Lisa has been sympathetic to the gay community since she was in High School. There was a gay Read More
Pilar Lopez Baker
Board Member | Spanish Group Admin
Pilar studied at the University of Utah achieving her Masters in child welfare and mental health.