Mama Dragon Story Project

Mama Dragon Story Project

The Mama Dragon Story Project is a suicide prevention effort aimed at educating and spreading a pure love from mother to child. The project has collected nearly eighty stories and portraits of love and acceptance from mother to LGBT+ child. We love and affirm our children regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Kimberly Anderson, the founder and driver of the Mama Dragon Story Project career has always been that of storytelling. Starting as a photojournalist, shooting for years as a commercial photographer and now doing personal long-form photographic essays, her imagery has always integrated the narrative alongside the visual.

This work is shared through workshops held through out the US and a book of of these narratives and portraits can be found here. Mama Dragon Story Project


Mama Dragon Story Project workshops have occurred in the following cities:

1/30/16 – Berkeley, CA

1/24/16 – Seattle, WA

2/20/16 – Mesa, AZ

4/18/16 – Sacramento, CA

5/18/16 – Salt Lake City, UT

5/23/16 – Las Vegas, NV

7/8/16 – Salt Lake City, UT (Sunstone)

7/18/16 – Temecula, CA

9/24/16 – Provo, UT (Affirmation International Conference)

This episode was recorded on May 18th, 2016 in Salt Lake City at Club/Cafe at 50 West.  Participants include Kimberly Anderson, Deb Glenn, Brooke Caldwell, Jody Hansen England, Wendy Williams Montgomery, and Julie Packer.



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