Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

Here are some things you can do to help us save the lives of youth and young adults from suicide:


Behaviors that Help


  1. Talk with and listen respectfully to your child or foster child about her LGBT identity
  2. Express affection when your child tells you or when you learn that your child is gay or transgender
  3. Support your child even when you may feel uncomfortable
  4. Advocate for your child when he is mistreated because of his LGBT identity
  5. Require that other family members respect your LGBT child
  6. Tell your child you love her unconditionally
  7. Welcome your child’s LGBT friends to your home
  8. Support your child’s gender expression
  9. Stand up for your child at school to prevent and address bullying & harassment
  10. Talk with church leaders and members about supporting LGBT people and welcoming them to church services and activities
  11. Openly discuss your child’s LGBT identity with your child and others
  12. Believe your LGBT child can have a happy future
  13. Support life skills training, such as coping with stress, conflict resolution, anger management, and communication
  14. Get training in suicide prevention


Behaviors to Avoid


  1. Hitting, slapping or physically hurting your child because of your child’s LGBT identity
  2. Verbal harassment or name-calling because of your child’s LGBT identity
  3. Excluding LGBT youth from family and family activities
  4. Blocking access to LGBT friends, events and resources
  5. Blaming your child when she is discriminated against or has negative experiences because of her LGBT identity
  6. Pressuring your child to be more (or less) masculine or feminine
  7. Telling your child that God will punish him because he is gay or bisexual
  8. Telling your child that you are ashamed of her or that how she looks or acts will shame the family
  9. Preventing or not allowing your child to talk about his LGBT identity




Family Acceptance Project LDS Booklet

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