Kathryn Hueth

Kathryn Hueth

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Kathryn grew up in a strong LDS family in Salt Lake City. She earned her B.A. in English at the University of Utah and also participated in Study Abroad programs in Austria and France, which provided her with invaluable and treasured experiences leading to an expanded vision of life through witnessing the diversity of people, cultures and beliefs.  Her love of travel was born and continues to be a passion. She and her husband are the parents of two children, a son and a daughter. They have lived in Newport Beach, CA and Austin, TX and then moved to Utah where they have lived for the past 22 years.  Kathryn enjoys traveling, reading, writing, decorating, and long heart to heart talks with treasured people.

While she long felt in her heart that the probability of her son being gay was great, it still elicited a wave of grief within her when this was confirmed because she now knew for a certainty his life would never be what she had envisioned for him.  She describes immediately holding him in her arms and telling him it didn’t make any difference – that he would always be loved and adored! “While my arms might have been embracing my 6 foot tall 17-year old son – I was envisioning my precious baby boy that I would fight everyone and everything to protect. And I always will!” That precious 26 year old son is now happily married to a young man they love and adore, and they are an enormous source of joy to our family.

Kathryn’s activism is fueled by her belief that when this life is finished, we will be judged most, whether it be by a higher power or simply by ourselves, on how our love or lack of love impacted another’s ability to grow, develop and reach their divine potential, thereby enabling them to live a happy life. “What could be more important?  Simply loving one another, celebrating and learning from one another’s differences and perspectives, and carrying one another’s burdens in an effort to lighten the pain and suffering?  This is what our LGBTQ+ kids need - from everyone.  This is what they deserve – from everyone, above all, from their parents.”  For years she was determined to remain within the church, despite the pain at times, in order to lovingly and patiently educate. But because of many circumstances, the most profound of which being the November 2015 exclusion policy, she concluded she would focus on this same mission outside of the church as she no longer feels like it is a place she can remain with her integrity intact.  However, she is quick to state that she does not fault those that choose to remain trying to create a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families – that is a personal choice everyone must make according to their life circumstances and their heart.

“I am deeply grateful to have been entrusted with this unique and sacred calling of being a mother to a gay child. I have been challenged to re-examine what love truly means, unconditional love.  Through my experiences as a Mama Dragon and working as an ally in this beautiful LGBTQ+ community in various capacities, I have been taught crucial and invaluable lessons as I have opened my mind and more importantly my heart to people that have shared beauty, love and wisdom beyond what I could have imagined.”


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