Meg Abhau

Board Member | Activism Shout Outs

It was a Friday night and I was cleaning the carpets.  The machine I had rented was so loud, but he asked if we could play a game of ‘hang man’ on the iPad.  I had to sign the letters to him because we could not hear each other.  It was fun!  I realized that it was not one big word, but a phrase he was spelling.  He spelled “I am like Andy”.  I asked, “From The Office?”  (one of our favorite shows). He just shook his head and over the top of our hang man game wrote, GAY in all caps.  We have a dear friend named Andy who is gay.  I shut off the carpet cleaner we had rented for the night and asked, “Jon, are telling me that you are gay?”  He just shook his head yes.  It is a little foggy what happened in the next few minutes.  All I can remember is that I went to him and hugged him fiercely.  We then sat down on my bed to talk.  I was sobbing.  I couldn’t help myself.  I was shocked and scared and I did not know what this all meant.  Through my sobs and his, I told him how much I loved him.  How this changes nothing.  I was so proud of him for being brave and open and sharing this with me.  He told me a week after he found out.  I think it surprised him as well, but he felt ok with it.  It is natural to him and he did not feel shame or guilt.  He just learned something new about himself, confirmed it with our dear friend, Andy, and then told his mother.