Board of Directors

Julie Packer
Board Member | Treasurer
“This is more than just a support group to me… .” Julie joined Mama Dragons shortly before her gay son died by suicide. The women in Mama Dragons were her Read More
Wendy VonSonsen
President | 2019
“Growing up Mormon, she wasn’t aware of anyone that was gay. The subject of homosexuality was avoided in her home. It seemed to be a taboo thing” that happened to Read More
Jill Rowe
Board Member | Events Lead
LDS and an advocate for all of God’s children. Mother of six. One son identifies as gay. Jill’s goal is to make sure no mother feels alone in this journey. Read More
A. Celeste Carolin
Board Member | Marketing, Website, Ops Lead
“Moms have the power to change the world.” Celeste moved through the church halls as a pretty normal Mormon girl until she “fell out of the closet” in undergrad while Read More
Lisa Evans Dame
President Elect | Regional Group Team Leader
“I want all to experience the love and support offered by the Mama Dragons.” Lisa has been sympathetic to the gay community since she was in High School. There was a gay Read More
Chrysteil Hunter
Board Member | Education Lead
“…believes in radical inclusion & unconditional love”. Chrysteil was born in Utah, and grew up in Utah & Northern California. Spirituality is vital to her happiness. Her relationship with Heavenly Read More
Carla Picasso-Brown
Board Member | Spanish Facebook Group
  “…love is love and that every person has the right to experience it.” Carla was born and spent the first 10 years of her life in Lima, Peru. Her Read More
Lori Davis
Board Member | PR Lead
Lori Davis is a life long Utah resident, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Westminster College. She is a mother of four boys including a wonderful son Read More