Our Origins

The Beginnings

Mama Dragon Council was born…each woman no longer alone


The name “Mama Dragon” came from a blog post Meg Abhau had written shortly after her 13 year old son came out of the closet. This is from her blog from May 8, 2012.

“I have always been a mother bear. Once I found out about Jon, that didn’t seem a fierce enough title. There is a whole new level of protection that has come over me. I now call myself a Mama Dragon. I could literally breathe fire if someone hurt my son. Dragons have talons, scales, claws, fangs and they can fly. I will use all of these resources if someone were to hurt Jon. So, we are circling our wagons around him, but I know we can’t protect him from everything. And as a Mama Dragon, that is the hardest part of this. I don’t know what the future holds. I just know that there will be love.”

There were several other women who began to identify with Meg’s term “Mama Dragon”

Later, Gina Crivello began to blog about her process of creating a Gay/Straight Alliance. When one of the students came to her for advice, she started an Private Message feed with several of these Mama Dragons. They helped, advised and supported this student, and after that, the feed continued.

Sometimes the feed would have several conversations going on, and these would go into the early morning hours. Around January of 2014, Gina saw the need to set up a Facebook group, with a setting on “Secret”, because of the need for an emotionally safe place.

In Gina’s words…
“Mama Dragon Council was born…each woman no longer alone and at the mercy of the whims of misguided leaders but now able to stand tall with her chin in the air and banded with her sisters to right the wrongs and protect LGBTQ+ kids, young and old.”

During 2014 others who were personally known by those early MDs were added to the Mama Dragon Council. It was a safe, slowly growing group.

There were a few mentions of them in blogs, and then an article or 2. Then, near the end of 2014 there were articles that were specifically about or by Mama Dragons – in the Salt Lake Tribune, Rational Faiths, Huffington Post, then regional news stations, Utah Valley news. Recently was news coverage by Al Jazeera.  With increased news coverage, our numbers began to grow rapidly.

There are now two-thousand members in the official Mama Dragon group.

This is an unusual ally group. We are there to offer support for each other, and for LGBT loved ones.

We come from powerful religious practice and habits. We began as a group of Mormon moms, but we are now inclusive of all faith, or lack of faith traditions. There is no expectation or requirement of involvement or activity in religion, and there is great understanding about the disconnect many feel concerning that.

If you feel led to find a healthy way to support your child or your family, we will love and support you.  If you feel led to serve and learn and confront complexity within your church tradition, making a difference for yourself and others as you challenge and are challenged by that complexity, we will love and support you.