A. Celeste Carolin

Board Member | Marketing, Website, Ops Lead

"Moms have the power to change the world."

Celeste moved through the church halls as a pretty normal Mormon girl until she "fell out of the closet" in undergrad while attending BYU-Idaho. After a few years of self-work and getting grounded she has been an advocate for her LGBTQ family and a strong ally to moms. She believes that moms have the power to change the world.

In the past, she has supported LGBT LDS outreach programs at ward and stake levels. Celeste currently spends her energy supporting and building programs to educate and build strong parents of LGBTQ youth and drives programming for queer youth programs throughout the US.

She completed her undergraduate degree from BYU-Idaho in 2006 in leadership and psychology and completed advanced course work in business management from Harvard Extension School in Boston, MA from 2008-2012. She currently works as an Executive Director in business & marketing in Seattle, WA.

Celeste brings a unique perspective to the Mama Dragons as a lesbian, businesswoman, and a fierce ally.