Carla Picasso-Brown

Board Member - Spanish Facebook Group


" is love and that every person has the right to experience it."

Carla was born and spent the first 10 years of her life in Lima, Peru. Her family migrated to the US in search of better opportunities and settled in the State of Georgia where she lived until 2016 when their family moved to the State of Washington. She has been a mother for the last 24 years and considers this to be her greatest joy and the hardest job she’s ever done. She feels that it is a privilege to be “mom” to six wonderful human beings, three of whom are LGBTQIA. Her oldest son came out four years ago and on that day he changed the direction of her life completely, for the better. In this new journey she has expanded her knowledge of love, compassion, courage, and forgiveness. As a mother, she has fiercely taken up the struggles of her children as her own, she feels this has helped her become a vocal advocate for them in their medical needs, schools, church, and community. She is passionate about creating a world where the welfare of all our children is the number one priority, and that those who live with disabilities are treated with dignity and respect.

Her working career has been in Human Resources and translation (she is fluent in Spanish). Although in her 20s she started her studies in law and believed this would be her field of work, life experiences lead her to change her major to Psychology. She is working towards her Psychology degree and hopes to work with children and youth recovering from trauma. She previously headed the local chapter in Georgia, but her heart belonged to the Mama Dragons and the amazing women in this group. She is co-admin for Madres Dragones (Mama Dragons for Spanish speaking countries). When she is not playing chauffer to her children and being laundress extraordinaire she enjoys cooking dishes from a number of countries. She finds that offering a great meal to those she loves is the way she nurtures. She is an avid reader and enjoys books that help her learn about and understand humanity, and when in the mood a good thriller is her go to. The one thing she says she knows for sure is that love is love and that every person has the right to experience it.