Chrysteil Hunter

Board Member - Education Lead

"...believes in radical inclusion & unconditional love".

Chrysteil was born in Utah, and grew up in Utah & Northern California. Spirituality is vital to her happiness. Her relationship with Heavenly Father has always brought her comfort and strength. She was raised in the LDS church & loved her mission to Seoul, South Korea. She married in the Salt Lake temple and raised her young family in Utah county, where she studied psychology at Utah Valley University & BYU.

Chrysteil and her family moved to Washington State in 2001, where she currently lives. She is a Registered Behavioral Technician, working with children with special needs. She is also back in school to get her degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.

She is mother & step-mother to four amazing young adults. Being a mother is by far her most cherished title. Her second child is who brought her passion for support of LGBTQ youth, & their community. When he came out as transgender in 2015, Chrysteil had never personally met another transgender person. Having been raised in the Mormon faith, Chrysteil had no reference for helping her son navigate his transition from female to male, but fiercely became an ally & began to learn everything she could. She turned to her Heavenly Father for guidance in search of wisdom beyond her own understanding. Her clear answer wasn’t which doctor to see, what book to read, nor which steps to take first. It was unexpectedly profound and all encompassing: “Don’t judge, don’t worry, don’t be afraid. Just love him with all your heart! Overwhelm him with love. The rest will be okay.”

That began Chrysteil’s journey with the intersection of Mormonism & the LGBTQ community. She is especially passionate about suicide prevention & parent education. She started and leads the Mama Dragons of Western Washington regional group. She believes in radical inclusion & unconditional love. The rest will be okay