Julie Packer

Board Member | Treasurer

"This is more than just a support group to me… ."

Julie joined Mama Dragons shortly before her gay son died by suicide. The women in Mama Dragons were her lifeline. They buoyed her up and the Mama Dragon mission gave her purpose. She is sure that surviving her son's death would have been a much different story if it were not for the Mama Dragons.

Suicide is a complicated thing.  LGBTQIA youth are at high risk for drug and alcohol abuse as they attempt to feel normal and loved. In Tyson's honor, Julie continues to fight for the love and support of these kids so that fewer of them feel so desperate.  She feels blessed and honored to have had a gay son who taught her how to love and understand a little better. She knows that God loves these LGBT+ kids so very deeply and that they are special.

Going on after losing a child is difficult, but in the end, she knows he found peace and will honor his life by being there for others who need support. She has faith that her son is with her every step of the way.

Julie served as President of the Mama Dragons in 2018 and now serves on the Mama Dragons Board of Directors.