Lisa Evans Dame

President Elect | Regional Group Team Leader

"I want all to experience the love and support offered by the Mama Dragons."

Lisa has been sympathetic to the gay community since she was in High School. There was a gay man who was a member of her congregation when she lived north of New Orleans. He was trying to live a celebrate life and fit into the very family oriented Mormon church. He and Lisa became friends and she could feel his pain. Many years later, she was teaching Jr. High in Utah and two of her fellow teachers were a lesbian couple. They were her in the closet friends at school and they enjoyed each other's company when they weren't teaching. When her oldest daughter became a thinking, talking little person, she voiced things that led her to believe that she was not only a feminist but could also be gay. This didn't scare Lisa because she knew and loved her friends who were gay. When her daughter came out she went through the mourning process so familiar to all parents who have an LGBTQ+ child. She soon found the Mama Dragon community and they lent their experiences leaving no room for fear filling her with warmth and love.

Lisa understands that we become better parents and better members of society through sharing our experiences. "I am in support of each Mama Dragon finding their own path, whether it is in quiet ways or in becoming more vocal. I want all to experience the love and support offered by the Mama Dragons."