Wendy VonSosen, President

Wendy was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in Michigan, New York, and Connecticut. She and her husband and four kids have lived in the San Francisco Bay area for almost twenty years. Growing up Mormon, she wasn’t aware of anyone that was gay. The subject of homosexuality was avoided in her home. It seemed to be a taboo “thing” that happened to people like Elton John and Billie Jean King. She believed it was a choice people made and certainly not something that a Mormon would ever dare to choose. So when her 13 year-old son tearfully confided in her that he was gay, she was faced with an overwhelming internal conflict. Two of the most important things, her faith and her family, at odds with one another. She repeatedly asked God, “What do I do? How do I reconcile this?” And the resounding answer, every single time, has been, “Just love him.” Since then, she’s learned so much about LGBTQ issues and understands that sexual orientation isn’t a choice, it’s something you’re born with. She’s learned the value of putting yourself in another’s shoes when you don’t understand them. And that family comes first no matter what. In Mama Dragons, she’s found stellar examples of unconditional love. She appreciates and loves the LGBTQ community, especially the youth in the LDS Church who struggle to reconcile their place in their families and their religion. These kids are courageous, fabulously talented, beautiful people and she counts herself lucky to be the mother of one of them. Wendy believes there’s strength in being honest even when it’s uncomfortable. “We’re all in this together and there’s beauty that comes when we share life’s challenges, whatever they may be.”